42 Mile Loop Trip Report


Except for a 3 or 4 mile stretch up on Georgetown Divide on CA193, this loop is almost all corners and is a bunch of fun.  I take it every chance I get.

The map reflects the fact that I usually start and end at my house which is just a few miles from this route.

A good place to gather and start from is the cluster of businesses on CA49 just past the American River Bridge in Lotus.  There are places along there to stop for refreshments and a break and enough parking spots for bikes to gather.

The perfect time to try this loop is  on a Sunday afternoon about 1PM.  There will be almost no traffic anywhere on the route at that time (major grin).

Try it.  You might like it!


Be careful in the winter.  There are sections of this road that see very little sunshine and will be damp after a rain and could be slippery if the temperature is low enough.

The Route:

Start from CA49 just past the American River Bridge near Coloma and Lotus.

Head northwest on CA49, toward Auburn, Cool and Pilot Hill.

Turn right on Marshall Grade Road toward Garden Valley.

Go through Garden Valley.  At the end of the main street, Marshall Grade Road takes a ninety degree bend to the left and narrows considerably.  This is still Marshall Grade Road.

Continue on to the stop sign in Georgetown.

Turn right onto Wentworth Springs Road.

Go to the stop sign about a block up the road.

Turn right on CA 193 and head south toward Placerville.

Continue on down into the American River Canyon and up the other side, past Chili Bar, toward Placerville.

At the stop sign with CA49, turn right and head toward Coloma and Auburn.

Continue on CA49 through Coloma to the starting point just past the bridge.

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