Last Labor Day Weekend I went on a ride with a friend up to Escanaba, MI (from here in good ol' Green Bay, WI) to see the a show at one of the Indian Casinos. Great show, the Drifters the "coasters" and the platters.  I was on my trusty black '94 Pacific Coast and my friend rode his Harley sportster.

Later on in the weekend we went by a friends cottage. As we were getting ready to leave, my friend Chuck and I started up our bikes, and my friend Ken, who owned the cottage, came out to see us off.  He looked at my bike, and of coarse had never seen one before.  Remember, our bikes were already running...  Ken walked over and asked me to start mine up too as you couldn't hear it over the noise of Chuck's Harley.

When I told him it was already running, he made the strangest face and called my bike the Anti-Harley.

I liked it so much I kept the name.

George Frye
owner of the Anti-Harley