Baliza - 1994 Black PC800

Back in 2002, the friend who I sat behind for almost 2 years was going back out on the open road. Spoiled and hooked on his ST1100, I realized the imminent loss and decided that it was time to have my own bike, or find a new motorcycle buddy. Enthusiast friends said the PC800 would be the perfect place to start. That very day I started researching them and got excited. I wasn't attracted to the red or white ones but the black version reminded me of a dolphin's sleek energy.  Could the one for me actually be residing in Florida and looking for me? 

That night an advertisement for a black 1994 popped up in the online version of the local newspaper. The ad wasn't going to be published until the next day so I was the first to see it. There are no coincidences. The ad was placed by the second owner, a retiree who lovingly garaged and cared for her in Springhill, FL. He had bought it from an 80yo woman in Michigan. 

She had Corbin seats, graphic pin striping, a decoratively etched windscreen border and 26k miles on her. I drove almost a 100 miles to check her out, fell for her, put down a deposit and…eek….had second thoughts within 24 hours. I was between employment and would have to pay for her with rainy day money needed to live on for the next couple of months. This wasn't sane…I already had car payments. 

Well the phone rang that next afternoon offering me a last minute "artist in residence" teaching gig for the summer at an inner city school. Synchronicity? The salary was just enough to cover the cost of the bike, buy a full face helmet and some appropriate gear. Divine intervention? You betcha! I needed a way of introduction to be accepted by the children. 

I bought her and than a "vanity" license plate in hopes she'd spark conversations that matter. I chose the double entendre "Intuit" to cover my enthusiasm of being "in to it," and metaphysical acknowledgment of our non-physical senses. 

Turns out I was dubbed the "white missionary" by the students and my bike gave me a degree of "coolness" while I earned their respect. I promptly named her Baliza, which means "beacon of light" in Portuguese and Spanish. In all these years she still attracts positive attention, serves as a tangible inspiration for others to align with their passion(s), and reminds me that life is a leap and then you fly. 

Michèle Young 
Tampa, FL
Argue for your limitations and your reward is that you get to keep them. ~Richard Bach