Per Lee's request, here is my story regaling the christening of BluePacific.  I also call her "Blue" for short.  And if people haven't noticed it by now, she and I share the same initials: BP (as does British Petroleum, but there's no connection).

I bought my '89 PC just about a year ago.  I fell in love with her the instant I saw her custom blue/purple paint.

Her previous owner had a license plate frame that proclaimed her to be "Poulsbo's fastest blueberry" (Poulsbo is a scandanavian town on the west shore of Puget Sound in WashingtonState).  I considered naming her "Blueberry", but my wife, Karin, said that it made her think of something small and round.

Some other names that came to mind were: "Blue Angel", "Blue Flash", "Blue Thunder", "The Blues", and"Ol' Blue".  None of those names jumped out as being THE ONE.

I waited awhile, and took the bike out for several rides.  Then on one crisp winter day, as I was riding along the hillsides above the blue Puget Sound, the phrase "across the blue Pacific" popped into my head.  I don't know why I was thinking that (perhaps I was just cold and daydreaming about some south sea island), but I new instantly that Blue Pacific now had her name.

She now wears her name with pride, as you can see in these pictures from TGPCHPCMY2KMR:

Bruce Pickett
Federal Way, WA
'89 PC800 "Blue Pacific"