After much searching and a few misfits, I finally have names for my bikes....

I have a 1995 Magna, the purple and white one, which I've outfitted for traveling.  She's fast, sporty and easy handling and just seems to beg to head for the open road.

I also have a 1989 PC800.  I bought it in May, 2002 after seeing her show up in online trader.  I have always liked these bikes and their unique style.  I bought her to use as a daily comuter bike.  I like the comfort, great mpg's and the huge carrying capacity.

So each bike serves me in a different role and has a different personality....but what to name them?  I'm a CPA and used to have a Honda Civic.  I carried so many files around that she was known as my "little audit mule".  I thought of PePe (peh-peh) for the PC but never really liked it (as she now carries a ton of my stuff on a daily basis).

This past week I took the family to Disney World.  On my daughter's favorite ride...they came to me.  She (and I) are big fans of the old Uncle Remus stories and Disney's "Song of the South".  On splash mountain, a Remus Tales-inspired ride, I decided to carry these to the bikes.

The Magna is now named Brer Rabbit after that wiley little critter who just couldn't resist the temptation to hit the road.  The PC is Brer Mule... the hardy bearer of burdens and loads.

Hopefully neither will have any adventures with tar snakes or briar patches.  But I know that whenever I'm with either of them, I have found my "Laughin' Place".