I would like to claim the name "Pearl Before Swine", as suggested by Bruce, for my 1989.  I knew it was the right name in the summer of 2002 just after we bought the PC.  My wife and I rode to the Oregon Coast for a weekend in an bed and breakfast inn.  At breakfast the other guests were were discussing golf and the local golf courses.  Not being into golf, we were not participating.  One of the golfers asked whether the motorcycle was ours, in an effort to include us in the conversation. When I said that it was, he asked "what's the attraction?".  I didn't try to explain to him how it fits in with skiing, white water rafting, rock climbing, spelunking, and other interests which make a person feel completely alive.  We also didn't try to describe how a person on a bike is able to feel the warm and cool air currents, smell the grass, trees and flowers, and enter into a oneness with the bike and road.  I told him about a young man from Seattle we had met at a rest area, who was riding a late fifties or early sixties Triumph. He had been on the road about a week, and as yet, had no clear destination in mind.  My wife said "it's the freedom".
   They thought they understood, but I doubt that they did.  The full text of the quote is: don't give what is sacred to dogs, or cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet and turn on you and rend you.  I believe we were spared a putter attack because we kept it simple.

Charles Slote