Here’s my name and story:

My bike: a 1995 black and silver PC800

My story: Having come to motorized 2-wheel riding late in life, I’ve been riding a Honda Reflex (scooter) for a couple of years. But my husband kept telling me it was time to get a “REAL” bike. While we’d looked around a bit, we weren’t finding a bike that was relatively small (600-800cc) with a fairing. One evening in the spring of 2008, coming out of our local grocery store, I spotted a motorcycle that looked like just what I was looking for! Interestingly, my husband didn’t recognize the bike – though I would have sworn he knew EVERYTHING about motorcycles. Fortunately, the owner followed us out of the store and told us it was a Honda PC800, a bit of the bike’s history, and let me sit on it. Et voila! It fit! That’s when I started looking.

Fast forward a few months: a family friend was trying to convince me to give the ok for him and my husband to buy a plane kit (yes, build a real airplane from a kit…don’t ask about the cost/time/etc…I’m already a dirt-motorcycle widow!). I said I wouldn’t even consider it since we hadn’t even bought me a motorcycle. He immediately made me a great offer on my scooter and I showed him the bike that I’d found on and had fallen in love with. Deal made. I contacted my seller – who lived in DelRay Beach, FL. We hit it off and he graciously accepted my offer – we had some karma going and he felt like she would be happy out in Oregon.

Now, I’ve never named a vehicle in my life, but I was pretty excited about getting my “new girl”. Thinking constantly about it and anxiously awaiting her arrival, it came to me that I should call her “Della Ray”. It fit…she was from DelRay Beach, so “de la” playa (beach). When I think of the name “Della” I think of a slightly more mature, sultry, sexy woman, black hair shot with silver. And she’s black and silver – and I’m a slightly more mature woman (not really sultry or sexy, but that’s neither here nor there!) with nearly back hair that’s shot w/silver. Well…whatever, it just seemed to fit. So, that’s her name. Della Ray…I call her Della for short (it’s also easier to say “I’m taking Della” instead of “I’m taking the Honda” or “I’m taking the PC800”!).

She's now housed in our garage and we're getting to know each other. But so far, she's liking the western Oregon hills!