I named my now sold '90 PC "The Flying Dutchman" because of several reasons.  First because I'm a Dutch pilot (flying airplanes and motorcycles :-)) and because of the old story about the cursed Dutch sailing ship named "The Flying Dutchman", doomed to sail the seas forever
and ever.  Apparently those sailors who saw "The Flying Dutchman" ghostship would near their end.

The story goes that the ship survived a hurricane near the Cape of Good Hope at South Africa, but none of it's crewmembers survived.  The story tells of the captain standing lonely at the wheel smoking his pipe, sailing the seas forever.  I think a lot of motorcyclists will recognise the feeling of traveling forever and ever, not knowing where to go, feeling alone but so happy on their "ships", in the end only to find out it wasn't the destination but the journey itself which makes life worthwile...