After looking for a name during my first week with my "New" 1990 PC, I came with GeeGee standing for "Gentle Giant".
It is definitely Big and powerful in comparison to all my previous bikes, but also very quiet and smooth to ride ... Like a big whale 
This is my third "real" bike after a couple of ciclomotors and a couple of little scooters later ( so it is the motorized two wheeled number 7 in my list).
I am always dreaming about a touring motorcycle, but all of them appealing too big, expensive to maintain and too heavy to me, ... before the Honda
 Pacific Coast. 
It was love at first sight; bought it only 10 days after knowing about this model for the first time, empty my savings ....
and still keeping my dirt bike, my latest Maxi-scooter .... And my wife !!!

Higinio Morinigo-Gill (Ike)
Homestead, FL
PC 1990 with only 10K miles !!