I think I'm ready to add my baby's name to the list.
The name we have chosen is Glen Scotia. 

Glen Scotia is the name taken from the scotch. Yum!
Glen Fiddich is my favorite and was the name of my 16 year old cat.
His brother, Glen Livet, lived for 14 years. Since those original first
two, there has been Glen Morgan(ran away), Glen Allachie(fat and happy),
and Glen Elgin(nuts, but sweet). So after reviewing the list of PC names
and finding all the super cool names taken...LOL...it dawned on me
how sleek, agile, quiet, powerful, daring and efficient the PC800 is.
Just like a cat. Ran across a bottle of Glen Scotia. Narrow at the neck,
the bottom is larger and round. Hmmmmmm....thus the name.

Jonathan "Ting" Meely
Atlanta, GA
'90 Red PC
Glen Scotia(pronounced Sko-sha)