After looking high and low for a bike I found a great
89 PC only two blocks from my house. Never riden or
even heard of a Pacific Coast, this was my first
introduction to what I consider in my own humble
opinion as the "Perfect" bike for this old frame.

I work in the casino industry which involves many long
hours, days, even months at some times and really was
getting this bike as a bit of mental therapy, to be
able to concentrate so hard on the ride as to wipe out
the rigors of the work day.

a week after getting this lovely piece of machinery I
was still searching for a name. I really wanted
something related to the Pacific Coast name, searching
high and low I finally got through a thesaurus one day
and found the word Panacea, english
translation..."therapy". What couldn't be more
perfect! I changed the caps a little bit and am
looking forward to adding a custom paint job in the
upcoming months with "89' Pana-Cea" proudly scrolled
across the back end.

Hence there sits in Western Washington a great white
and silver 89' Honda Pacific Coast with a pony-tailed
driver wearing a grin from ear to ear under his helmet
every time he rides, the therapy sems to be working. 

89' PanaCea
150,000+miles and still going without a leak( maybe I
should have named her Timex??)

Kingston Washington