Before being reincarnated as a motorcycle, Raquel was a worker in the adult "hospitality" industry.  Her pleasant disposition and eagerness to please made her so famous that people will drive for hours just for the chance to spend some time with her.  She was not the prettiest or the smartest, but with her down to earth disposition and her solid and "rotundus" figure she was much sought after by people with nothing to prove. (As she liked to put it: "I was built for comfort, not for speed", but that was a little misleading, considering that she had been known to outperform younger and sportier competitors).

After many years and thousands of satisfied customers it was her turn to pass on.  Having mastered the requirements for a higher consciousness, she was asked what she will like her next reincarnation to be and, without a moment of doubt, Raquel said: "I want to be a Honda Pacific Coast Motorcycle, to continue giving people the ride of their lives", and so it was.

I bought her in June 1998 and as February 2001 we have ridden over 50K miles together. The more she rides the better she gets.

Jesus Soriano
'95 PC800 "Raquel"
San Diego, California