Red Dwarf is a British Sci-Fi Comedy, with "Red Dwarf" being the name
of a huge, old, rust-colored ship that has survived millions of years
and whose crew is an odd collection: the last surviving human, a
lifeform evolved from his car, a hologram, a servant droid, and a
neurotic computer.

Seemed appropriate given the slightly battered body panels on the PC
when I took posession at 16,000 mi. (Scar-let was the other name I
considered). It's my favorite show. Diana, my GF, figured Red Dwarf
was appropriate because of the color of the PC, the "big chunk o'
plastic" that it is, yet it is smaller than a wing ("dwarf").

My Uni-Go trailer has been dubbed "Starbug 1" after the shuttlecraft
on Red Dwarf, though I refused to have it painted turquoise like on
the show...not my style.