As I have been pondering the milestone of my PC's 50k mark, coupled almost on the first anniversary of it's permanent home in my garage, the lack of a name has been weighing heavily. I realize it's a minor issue in the big scheme of life, but it's about time that my precious black beauty finally be referred to as something other than "my baby".

Earlier in the month, during the Eastern Shore Ride, Rick Waller (I think) asked me why my bike looked so much smaller with me on it. Granted, as the record holder for the tallest Coaster, most of the world looks up to me. Coupling Rick's comment with my own knowledge that riding on a routine basis has been the best mental therapy I could get for such a bargain price. Even with the addition of the Magna to the stable, the PC is, without a doubt, still my first choice.

Therefore, I have settled on "Shrink" - my own personal psychotherapist as well as the break in the time-space continuum that causes the bike to appear smaller with me on board.