My '90 PC's "Turquoise Flame" name has a couple of meanings, but really
describes the unique custom paint job that was done in '99 by BTF of
Daytona Beach (according to the prior owner).  Of course there's nothing
wrong with the PC's stock red, black and whites, but this bike just
happened to be for sale when I was ready to buy.  I bought it sight unseen
from a new friend in Monroe, Wisconsin through an ad on  I really do feel like I got a great deal on a unique

The Turquoise Flame has been painted a metallic candy apple red, with
a hand painted, zig-zagging flame colored design on the front fender,
sides, and wrapping around the back, topped with some custom scrollwork on
the back.  The zig-zag is outlined by a small turquoise colored line.
Beautiful job.

Being recently relocated from Albuquerque New Mexico, where Turquoise is
the state gemstone (or should be) the color had to be in the name.  It fit
me and my roots.  As for The Flame, the coloring and design simply look
like a lightning flame.  And, once upon a time, I was a huge fan of a rock
group called Cheap Trick.  One of their last, best hits was a song titled
The Flame.  A really classy rock song for a group sadly mis-promoted as
somewhat bubblegum.  The bands lead singer happens to be from Albuquerque
also.  "Turqoise Flame".  Fit the bikes appearance and this rider's past.
And to top it all off, it has the wife's seal of approval!

Paul Truax
'90 PC "Turquoise Flame"